High School

Preparing Students For the next level

A College Preparatory Program

Partners for Success

We have partnered with Tel Education and Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL to offer a broad array of self-paced Dual Enrollment college courses.  In addition to the collegiate courses, GCS will offer mathematics and elective courses based on our discovery learning model.

Course Features


Our Dual Enrollment courses include all learning materials, course instruction, technology, exam proctoring, and support via email, chat, and phone.


We support a wide range of instructional models—self-paced, blended, and personalized learning along with the support needed to have any student be successful.

High Quality

Our content is rigorous yet understandable and relevant across a broad spectrum of learners. It is designed to help students develop literacies and competencies they need to flourish in college and beyond.


Our courses accommodate both online and offline work and study. Our videos feature downloadable transcripts and our online lessons are also available as accessible PDFs.

Core Courses

American Government

A study of the concepts of the United States government

College Algebra

A study of problem‐solving strategies that establishes a firm foundation for higher levels of mathematics.

Introduction to Communication

A study of basic communication theory and history, focusing on theory and application of appropriate communication techniques.

Literature and Composition

A study in the close reading and critical analysis of the literary genres of the epic, poetry, drama, and prose, including novels, short stories, and essays.

Physical Sciences

A study of foundations of science, including skills, assumptions, and the role of technology in science.

US History I

A study of U.S. history through 1877, taking students from pre-Columbian events through the Civil War.

Chemistry I

A study of the composition of matter, the atom, chemical bonding, solutions, measurements, chemical nomenclature, stoichiometry, and thermochemistry

Introduction to Biology

A study of the structure, relationships, and diversity of life on earth from the cellular level to the function of ecosystems.

Introductory Reading and Writing

Develop capabilities in language use—reading, writing, and thinking—to prepare for future assignments and develop proficiency in college-level reading and writing.

Quantitative Analysis I

A study of basic and intermediate number sense, abstract quantitative concepts, algebraic concepts, geometry, and visual modeling, and probability.

Physical Sciences Lab

A study of fundamental concepts of physics and chemistry in the laboratory.

US History II

A study of the significant social, political, and economic developments from 1877 to the present.

Chemistry Lab

A comprehensive introduction to the laboratory study of chemistry.

Introduction To Biology Lab

A study of lab safety and the laboratory study of life, exploring topics like the metric system using the microscope and the scientific method.

Language And Composition

Language and Composition course covering a basic overview of grammar, essay analysis, and writing.


A study of foundations of what it means to think on the margin and understand the key principles of economics.

Principles of Psychology

A study of the basic concepts in psychology that analyze human behavior.

World Civilizations I

A study of world civilizations before 1492.

Chinese I

A study of the basic communication skills in Modern Standard Chinese

Introduction to Christianity

An introduction to Christianity in general as well as a foundation of lessons on the Bible and the origins of the faith.

Latin I

A study of the basics of Latin grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.

Old Testament

A study of the character of Yahweh God as displayed throughout the history of Israel, and compares and contrasts it with human character qualities.

Research and Composition

This course furthers students’ abilities to read and think critically by analyzing texts and evaluating sources, to research and evaluate evidence competently, to develop logical reasoning and persuasive argument skills, and to communicate ideas in appropriate written media and styles.

Customizing Learning


Each full-time student will be required to supplement the core courses with participation in at least one club and one discovery learning activity per semester.


Speech & Debate
Clubs are established based on student interest and are intended to help develop strategic thinking skills. These clubs will be created in collaboration with students and parents. Currently there is a Speech & Debate Club however other potential clubs are: Chess Club, Book Club, Lego Building Club, Robotics Club, Sewing Club, etc…

Discovery Learning

This is a time students choose what they want to learn more about. The sky is the limit as long as the topic is in line with the core values of the school. Students will learn to choose what to learn more about, how to go about putting together their own learning plan, and securing the resources to learn about that topic.

The Details

We are so excited to kick off our inaugural school year and would love to have your family involved in this academic movement.