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Don't we all want our kids to be Confident and competent learners?

Experience the joys of a research-based individualized education in a supportive, professional, and Christ-centered environment.

We are small on purpose.

What are the benefits of a microschool?

Microschools offer the benefits of individualized curriculum, personalized small-group instruction, and a collaborative learning environment that are challenging to produce within a traditional school framework.

We are challenging yet nurturing.

What about academics?


Our elementary program focuses on building a strong foundation in math and language arts while encouraging exploration in science and social studies. We want to build confidence while challenging students to excel.

Middle School

Our middle school program is geared towards preparing students to be independent self-paced learners that know how to manage their time and resources while building critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills.

High School

Our high school program allows students to earn dual enrollment college credit through an online, self-paced program within a Christian and collaborative learning environment with a robust accountability infrastructure.


We recognize that a full-time private school isn't for every family and are dedicated to providing both academic and extra-curricular opportunities for homeschool families including courses, field trips, and service opportunities.

Tracy Dunlap

Head of School

Dr. Damion Dunlap

STEM Director

Not just a passion but a calling.

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